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E.&K. BOUCHLIS S.A. is a standard developing traditional trade, which deals, since 1950, with alteration of salted fish, olive elaboration and recently with production and bottlingof special ouzo, in Mytilene.

Its activities cover not only the local but also the Greek market and a significantpart of the production is also exported.

The products that elaborate are coming exclusively from the island and arecarefully selected by experienced people. There is total absence of chemical conservatives and everything is being produced hand-made, traditionally.

The special quality of these products has provoked a standard demand from several firms of Central and rest Greece, fact that gives the opportunity to all of us to enjoy them in our everyday life, on our table!




Mytilenes Ouzo Smyrnio

Mytilene's ouzo, Smyrnio, has been "blended" under long years of knowledge and experience, to reveal secrets from old recipes to flavour insiders. Enjoy this unique, special ouzo from Mytilene, in two types: Strong or mild, as it befits to each moment!

λεβα εργοστασιο
σκουμπρι ουζο ελιες αντζουγιες αντζουγιες ρολο παστα